Milk industry 

Tested technology and reliable equipment are particularly important for the dairy industry. Strict and mandatory requirements are set for the dairy industry. All production processes controls should be robust and include analysis and control functions. Comprehensive automation of dairy products production increases the efficiency, speed and safety of work, to reduce the financial and time costs, as well as to provide the possibility of centralized control. The main objectives of technological processes automation in milk production are:

  • Reduction of the cost of consumed resources (electric power, water, heat, steam, etc.);
  • Maximum possible prevention of human factor;
  • Improvement of the quality of products;
  • Increase of the enterprise profitability.

Almost complete elimination of the human factor has been achieved through such solutions as:

  1. Full control and blocking of food and detergent routes (all possible valves that may lead to loss, damage or mixing of the product are checked);
  2. Strict control of frequency of washing each piece of equipment (a countdown is made for each washed piece after washing with alkali, acid, disinfection. And if the control time is expiring, the system will warn that this object needs to be washed, but if time is expired, the system will block this piece of equipment from working with the product);
  3. All functions of medium change, pushing down the drain, change of tanks, etc. are made only in the automatic mode, and in the case of using the system on rolls, the operator switches the position after the command from the system);

ASU-Techno company professionally develops automation systems for milk production.  Our specialists have successfully completed a number of projects at the enterprises of this industry and have practical experience in automation equipment such as:

  1. Acceptance posts;
  2. Intermediate storage of raw materials sections with/or without combs of any configuration and complexity;
  3. Milk, cream, whey pasteurizers (5,000 l/h to 40,000 l/h);
  4. CIP-stations;
  5. Vacuum evaporators;
  6. Cheese-making boilers, cottage-cheese-making boilers, whey separator drums;
  7. Separators, bactofuges;
  8. Pressing and forming devices;
  9. Crystallization pans;
  10. And other types of equipment.

Customers for whom the automation projects were carried out:

  • JSC Shchuchin Butter-Cheese Factory (Belarus);
  • Production shop Slonim (as part of Shchuchin BCP) (Belarus);
  • JSC Ivatsevichi Dairy Plant (Belarus);
  • JSC Baranovitchi Dairy Integrated Plant (Belarus);
  • EJSC Lyakhovichi Milk Factory (Belarus);
  • OJSC Lida Milk Plant (Belarus);
  • OJSC Glubokoye Dairy Canning Factory (Belarus);
  • LLC Priozersk Dairy Plant (Russia);
  • LLC Semikarakorsk Cheese Factory (Russia);
  • LLC Yelan Cheese Factory (Russia), etc.

Our employees have extensive experience and a high level of competence in the creation of process control systems for the dairy industry. The completed projects were carried out for individual pieces of equipment, and for the production shops and the entire plant in general, starting with the acceptance of raw materials to the release of end product. Our company has developed a unique system of MES-level, which allows not only to track the progress of processes, keep records of raw materials, equipment operation, but also to carry out the traceability of product lots output from beginning to shipment, to make the calculation and analysis of resources consumption at every production stage (consumption of electric power, steam, ice water, compressed air, etc.) Our solutions allow to:

  • support the entire manufacturing process at an optimal level in a preset mode;
  • receive information on the status of production processes in on-line mode;
  • observe parameters of products manufacturing recipes, dosage of component with the required level of accuracy;
  • monitor the quality of semi-product, which is used as raw material for further production;
  • control and reduce the loss of raw materials;
  • minimize the number of product defects, errors and downtime;
  • integrate and exchange data with accounting and analytical systems.

In the end, our system provides the customer with:

  • transparency of process and individual units’ control;
  • reduction in the level of human factor for the manufacture of dairy products, which results in lower losses and possible occurrence of errors in operation;
  • possibility of an objective analysis of all results of the enterprise.

LLC ASU-Techno offers you its services for process automation. When implementing automation projects, we use modern technologies and reliable advanced equipment, which will allow every company to enter a new stage of economic development. For more information, please contact us by phone: +375 (17) 236-76-74, fax: +375 (17) 236-76-75, send your questions by e-mail: or use the feedback section of the site in Contact Details.