Butter production line by high-fat cream conversion

Project Prerequisites:

Technological upgrade of the production shop was required, because the old line had a number of drawbacks:

  • Obsolete control system consisting of separated control cabinets with push-button control;

  • Manual control of actuators;

  • The line efficiency (cream feed rate to the separator) was controlled manually and approximately;

  • Strong influence of the human factor;

  • High production costs and as a result – high prime cost of the product;

  • Poor product quality;

Goal of the Project:

  1. Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of new and unique production line with completely new technological equipment (together with Dalmio LLC);

  2. Full automation of the process line operation.

Description of the Project:

Depending on the method of fat concentration and formation of the product structure, two butter production method are distinguished: cream churning and transformation of high-fat cream.
End devices for butter production by transformation of high-fat cream are butter workers of different designs.

The automated line includes the following equipment: raw cream tank, pasteurizer, 2 separators, high-fat cream tanks and butter workers. All equipment is integrated into a centralized control system. The core of the system is XV-102 panel controller, which displays all relevant information about the state of the line, active mechanisms, settings, and the current values of the process parameters.

The sensors and actuators are connected via I/O modules of XI/ON system.

The line capacity is measured at the pasteurizer output using an electromagnetic flow meter. Coriolis flow meter measuring the flow, volume, density and temperature of the product is installed upstream the hagh-fat cream tanks. Both flow meters are connected to the control system via HART-protocol. For this purpose, gateways ModbusRTU / HART by ICPDAS were used.

As part of the project, our company completed the entire complex of works on development and implementation of the automated production line control system, which included:

  1. Development of a set of design documentation for CS;

  2. Manufacture of the control cabinet;

  3. Controller and operator panel software development;

  4. Installation of equipment and cable connections at the site;

  5. Start-up and commissioning of lines in commercial operation and personnel training.

Results of the Project:

  • A new modern high production line with completely updated technological equipment is commissioned;

  • A conceptually new automated process control system was implemented;

  • Actuators and performance are now controlled in automated mode;

  • Production costs were reduced significantly (up to 50%);

  • Prime cost of the end product was reduced (by 1.5 times);

  • All operating parameters of the line, accidents and events during the work shift were archived. These data are available for viewing at any time;

  • An intuitive and modern interface of a mnemonic scheme with maximum clarity and ease of operation is developed.