Hardware and software system based on ASU-Beton solution

Project Prerequisites:

  • Insufficient flexibility in customizing existing automation systems to improve accuracy and stability of components dosing;

  • Insufficient efficiency and loss of working hours when performing requests for the products manufacture;

  • Long equipment downtime between product lots;

  • Strong influence of the human factor;

  • Insufficient control over the composition of the mixtures produced in manual mode;

  • Absent or insufficient information in the reports on the produced products and materials used;

  • No possibility to separate functions (AWP-master – to create and control the orders, AWP-process engineer – to create and update a recipes database);

  • No possibility to synchronize the concrete batching plant APCS data with the Customer’s ERP-system (1C: Accounting etc.).

Goal of the Project:

Implementation of comprehensive solution for process automation, as well as all related business processes, organized at the enterprises producing concrete products.

Description of the Project:

The implemented solution ASU-Beton has a modular structure and was originally developed as a universal product for comprehensive automation of the entire production cycle.

The complex was designed to work on the basis of controllers manufactured by EATON (Moeller), Siemens, OWEN, Mitsubishi Electric.

The project also provided an opportunity to solve the following tasks at the plants:

  1. Creation of requests for AWP-master, automatic (or manual) distribution of requests for free or less loaded units (for enterprises with several concrete batching plants in the territory);

  2. Control of input and output indications of vehicle scales for shipped products, arriving materials (possible installation of the version with automatic registration of vehicle license plates and RFID-cards);

  3. Organization of centralized workstation for the process engineer with maintenance of a common recipes database for the entire enterprise;

  4. Implementation of full integration with enterprise ERP-system (synchronization of counterparties, existing contracts, price lists, automatic printing and entry of invoices for products shipped, etc.);

  5. Possibility of operational control of enterprise operation by management.

Results of the Project:

  • Problems of the automation system previously used were completely solved, namely:

    • A flexible system for setting accuracy and stability of the components dosing was created;

    • The wait list of recipes was created, which allowed to reduce downtime between batches;

    • Working time when performing orders for the manufacturing of products was optimized;

    • Human factor impact was eliminated;

    • The possibility of obtaining full accounting on the products manufactured in manual and automatic modes (information up to each cycle for each task) to obtain the necessary data for the materials used and other expenses was implemented;

    • The data of the solution ASU-Beton of concrete batching plant are integrated and synchronized with the Customer’s accounting systems (1C: Accounting).

  • An intuitive and modern interface of a mnemonic scheme with maximum clarity and ease of operation, and animated dosing processes and materials movement was developed;

  • Multifunctional recipe database with the possibility to set characteristics and the exact composition of the mixture was created;

  • Function of automatic recipe correction upon the humidity of inert fillers changes (manual input of the value or obtaining data from the moisture sensor, for example, from Hydro-Mix VII or Hydro-Probe II by Hydronix) was implemented.