Customer name:

UUE Smolevichi Housing and Utilities

Project Prerequisites:

Need for a control system for new facility under construction.

Goal of the Project:

Implementation of comprehensive solution for full automation and reliable operation of the new water intake in Smolevichi.

Description of the Project:

The entire control system is based on the controllers by OWEN. The wells are controlled (at significant distance) using GSM-modem on each of them, and the modular structure of the system provides unimpeded expansion by adding new wells to the system.

The main elements of the control system are controllers and drive units (soft starters and frequency converters).

Our company has developed software of upper and lower levels, allowing to control all nine wells, second pumping station and water reuse structure from a common operator workstation (AWP).

Results of the Project:

  • Water intake with deferrization station and water reuse structure were prepared and commissioned;

  • The implemented control system allows to automatically:

    • maintain a preset pressure in the network according to daily schedule

    • activate pumps by levels

    • automatically switch pumps for uniform wear

    • monitor and archive parameters of pumping equipment work

    • archive accidents

    • equipment work data output using wire and wireless technologies at operator’s AWP.

  • Control system operates using energy saving algorithms implemented in firmware of the inverters.

  • An intuitive and modern interface of a mnemonic scheme with maximum clarity and ease of operation is developed;

  • A powerful locking system minimizes the influence of the human factor on the water intake, does not allow to activate all equipment without compliance with process conditions;

  • The solution allows to record operator’s actions and events occurring at the water intake, and to view them in a convenient form for any time interval.