Development of MES-systems for operational management of production

Relevance of MES-systems.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an automated control system for the production process at the workshop level. 

Modern enterprises use large amounts of data at different levels of management. As a result, production efficiency directly depends on the coordinated work of a large number of employees and departments. MES control systems can not only speed up the coordination of data flow between ERP and APCS levels but also help the operators to optimize production process, reduce errors.

The main designation of MES-system is:

  • Real-time production process management;

  • Prompt adjustment of production processes;

  • Planning of product release based on the data on the capacities utilization, quality and use of raw materials;

  • Optimization of production processes and as a result – efficiency increase;

  • More efficient use of raw materials, equipment and resources required;

  • Eliminating errors of manual entry into the control system;

  • Improvement of the quality of information processing and analysis of archived data.

Thus, the purpose of the implementation of MES-systems is the creation of high-tech production process.

Basic functions of MES-system

  • On-line control of technological processes at the production;

  • Accounting of flow and raw materials movement;

  • Accounting downtime;

  • Chronology of end products production;

  • Traceability of products batches release from beginning to shipment;

  • Calculation and analysis of resources consumed at each production stage (consumption of electricity, steam, ice water, water, compressed air, etc.)

  • Collection and analysis of laboratory data of raw materials and materials (semi-products) at any stage of the production process;

  • Calculation of the equipment efficiency.

LLC ASU-Techno possesses high competence and experience in the implementation of MES-systems for production management in various industries.

In each specific case our company implements an individual approach to the development of MES-system and is ready to offer a solution taking into account the peculiarities of your production.