Development, manufacturing and commissioning of automated control systems

Development of APCS (automated process control system) is a rapidly developing field of information technology and is based on the use of modern hardware and software. Automation systems are designed to optimize production processes and increase their efficiency through automation, based on the use of modern computer and microprocessor equipment, as well as effective monitoring and control methods and means.

One of the main advantages of APCS is the reduction, up to the complete exclusion, of human factor influence on the process being controlled, reduction of personnel, minimization of material costs, improvement of the end product quality, and ultimately – a substantial increase in production efficiency. Main functions performed by such systems include control and management, data exchange, processing, information accumulation and storage, formation of alarms, creation of charts and reports.

Modern APCS is a multi-level human-machine control system. Operator in a multi-level automated process control system receives information from a computer monitor or an electronic information display system and acts on objects that are at a distance from him/her, by means of telecommunication systems, controllers, smart actuators.

Communication channels are required for the operation of SCADA-systems. For this purpose, modern systems use public telephone lines, cable communications, cellular communications, radio relay, VHF communication etc.

LLC ASU-Techno is one of the leading suppliers of software and hardware for APCS. Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of control systems, have their own base of exclusive development and completed a number of significant projects for customers from various industries. This allows us to expertly examine trends in the automation market and to offer customers the best solutions.

Our company has the experience and the technical capacity to carry out the development, production and implementation of process control systems for various industries.

First of all, we are talking about such industries as:

  • primary processing, drying and storage of grain;

  • treatment of seeds of grains, leguminous, small-seeded crops and corn;

  • production of animal feed, premixes and feed mixtures;

  • reception, pasteurization, normalization and storage of milk;

  • production of fermented dairy products and butter;

  • production of dry construction mixtures, concrete batch and asphalt mixtures;

  • water supply enterprises and settlements;

  • diversion of sewage channels;

  • production of heat in facilities with traditional and local fuels.

To begin work on automation systems of these industries, it is enough that we discuss with you the expected technology, and in the sphere of grain processing we are ready to take part in the development of the technology together with you.

Working with us you get a complete scope of services ranging from the development of engineering documentation and software to the installed equipment and trained personnel, and ultimately the complete, modern, stable operating control system that will ensure high efficiency of the equipment use and will create comfort for managers, operators and operating services.