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Test bench to check grinding abrasive wheels

Project Prerequisites:

Need for control system development for process automation of the bench.

Goal of the Project:

Development and implementation of process control system for an expensive test bench.

Description of the Project:

Test benches for grinding abrasive wheels are designed to test wheels for tear by rotation. They are used at the enterprises that produce grinding wheels or use them for production of grinding machines equipment for metal cutting, grinding, cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and other machines.

Specialists of LLC ASU-Techno developed a control system (CS) on the basis of PLC by OWEN and a graphic operator panel OWEN IP320. This CS is designed to control two-chamber test bench for abrasive grinding wheels. Test parameters are set by selecting a size of a wheel and duration of rotation. When the cover is closed, in a selected chamber, it is possible to start the test, at the end of which a message about the end of the process will be displayed.

Results of the Project:

  • A multifunctional modern automated process control system for test bench was created;

  • The software controls the bench in manual and automatic modes;

  • Automatic mode allows to perform the necessary technological operations without operator intervention;

  • All necessary archives of accidents, events and actions of the personnel are logged in the controller equipment.