Upgrade of grain drying complex Lidselmash KZSV-30 (N)

Project Prerequisites:

Lidselmash grain drying complexes manufactured before 2009 were equipped with control systems based on the equipment of a little-known Polish manufacturer Geko. The technological equipment got obsolete, the control system often failed and malfunctioned.

Goal of the Project:

Development of new control system (CS) for Lidselmash KZSV-30 (N) grain drying complexes.

Description of the Project:

First of all, the main solution was replacement of GEKO input/output modules and operator panel with modern OWEN devices widely available in our market. At the same time all the existing power units in control cabinets were preserved, which allowed to make rewiring and launch a new control system within one day.

The developed software allows to work in manual and automatic modes. Instead of a 3-inch text panel, personnel receive an opportunity to work on the complex properly, observing the whole technological process on a regular PC monitor.

Results of the Project:

  • Quality and inexpensive upgrade of Lidselmash KZSV-30 (N) grain drying complex;

  • Comprehensive commissioning of a modern and reliable control system;

  • Possibility to work in manual or automatic mode;

  • Possibility for personnel to work on the complex sufficiently and clearly, observing the entire technological process on a regular PC monitor instead of a 3-inch text panel;

  • Possibility of further improvement and development of the control system and installation of additional equipment (e.g. in-line moisture-in-grain meter of A-315 type manufactured by Aquar-System).