Разработка системы управления технологическими процессами элеваторов и кормоскладов «АСУ Кормосклад» Барановичского района View larger

Elevator and Feed Storage Management Systems

Project Prerequisites:

Need for creating a model of automated control system of elevators and feed storages.

Goal of the Project:

Development and implementation of a reliable control system (CS) based on modern technological equipment for grain elevators and feed storages.

Description of the Project:

The developed software of ASU Kormosklad is intended to ensure a coherent interaction between all components of control system.
Control system was implemented based on Siemens equipment and, in general, can be implemented depending on the Customer’s request based on any equipment from other manufacturers (EATON, Schneider Electric, OWEN, Mitsubishi Electric, etc.)

The operator’s AWP, implemented within the project, is equipped with a unique system of equipment operation display that combines indication of the grain movement route in the form of small arrows and markers with color indicators of mechanisms status.

Specialists of LLC ASU-Techno implemented an advanced system of hint messages about locks, emergency and abnormal situations that allows the operator to make a correct and timely decision.

Results of the Project:

  • Comprehensive commissioning of a modern and reliable control system;

  • Providing remote control of technological equipment from operator’s AWP both in manual and automatic modes;

  • Providing on-line information about the technological process and the status of the equipment in the form of mnemonic diagrams with indication of process values;

  • Detection, alarm, and recording of emergency situations;

  • Automatic blocking of undesirable situations;

  • Registration of events, operator actions, and their automatic archiving in the database; registration of alarms and the actions taken by the operator with reference to time;

  • Providing multi-level password restriction of access to the system;

  • Creation and provision of a wide range of reports.