FeeRum's grain dryer with a silo storage

The task of this project was upgrading existing automated control system of grain dryer with a silo storage.

The plant was built by two stages (one - near 2009 and other - near 2012), so the equipment were supplied with two separate control systems under the control of a common workstation with SCADA-system.

The main reasons for upgrading system were the following:

  • Some discrete inputs of old PLC (cFP-2220 National Instruments) were damaged;
  • There were some bugs and errors in PLC software, which doesn’t allow to perform some important operations;
  • Customer wanted to install moisture meter A-315 into the system, but there were not the source code of project to add such feature.

We decided to combine separate systems into one with using of PLC XC-CPU201. Old PLC cFP-2220 has been replaced by compact modules XI/ON Eco. To communicate with new moisture meter there were added RS232/422/485 module (XIOC-SER).

A distinctive feature of the control system is the using of SmartWire-DT technology, which allows to reduce count of wires, simplify installation and accelerate diagnostics management system. Motor starters, lamps, buttons and switchers, digital I/O modules were connected to SmarWire-DT bus. Soft starters and frequency converters used in the cabinet, were not connected to the bus, because at that time not yet support this technology. Modern soft starter DS7 and S801, and the entire line of frequency inverters PowerXL (DC1, DA1, DE1 and DG1) is fully compatible with the SmartWire-DT technology.

There were developed new software for the PLC XC-CPU201 and SCADA-system.

Existing RS485 module is used to communicate with devices, which used for data acquisition from multipoint temperature measurement system of silos, through the ModbusRTU protocol.

The new SCADA program allows observing the whole process of cleaning, drying, transportation and storage of grain. The unique method of displaying process combines highlighting mechanisms with the animation of the grain routes.

There is a complex log system for saving parameters and different events taking place in the plant (state of mechanisms and sensors, emergencies, operator actions etc.).